Our 7 goals

These are the seven things we want to see happening. The women we work with are absolutely at heart of everything we do and these seven goals are born out of that fact.




#1 of 7 : We will improve the lives of marginalised women facing multiple disadvantages meeting them where they are without judgement or expectation.



Two women seen walking away from the camera in along a pathway a park with trees either side

#2 of 7: We will support more women to be safe, heal and thrive.



Service users shape services

#3 of 7: We will ensure that the needs and voices of our service users inform service delivery and the direction of the organisation



We are efficient and future-proof

#4 of 7: We will ensure that One25 is a sustainable and well run organisation



Close-up view of the face of a woman who is a volunteer talking in a busy room

#5 of 7: We want to ensure that we value our high-performing team of staff, volunteers and trustees in order to provide consistent, appropriate and relevant services to women facing multiple disadvantages.



One25 works for an excellent reputation

#6 of 7: We will ensure that One25 has an excellent reputation that attracts funders and supporters and that offers media, campaigning and networking opportunities to change women’s lives



Partnerships enhance our scope and level of support

#7 of 7: We want to work closely with partners and funders to provide coherent, linked-up support to vulnerable women and to break through barriers and change their lives.

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