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Pause, third time round

One25 posted this on the 09/07/2020

“We are an intensive outreach service and we are goal-based so a lot of these early discussions are around what the women would like to achieve whilst they’re on the programme.”

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Unlocking vital services

Anna Smith, CEO posted this on the 06/07/2020

Shirley told us this afternoon: “You are amazing. Without you through the Covid thing, it would have been much harder. And you’ve helped me with my meds, you are amazing!”

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Trauma and 'multiple disadvantage'

Anna Smith, CEO posted this on the 30/06/2020

So many of the women that we work with have experienced trauma. And that then leads to many of the other issues. It’s the basis of many of the issues that the women face. #SeeTheFullPicture this Multiple Disadvantage Awareness Day 2020.

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One25's 25th Birthday!

Anna Smith, CEO posted this on the 15/05/2020

Thank you for standing with us. Some of you for 25 whole years , other perhaps only a few days. We only exist because of you.

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