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One25 works with some of Bristol’s most marginalised women.

We support them to move from crisis and trauma to independence in the community. Wherever they are in their journeys, we give love and practical support, without judgement or expectation.

Over the last year, One25 met 271 women who were battling poverty, violence and addiction. Women’s needs have become more complex so our work is more important than ever. The impact we make as a charity saves lives.

With partners across Bristol and beyond, One25 is committed to each woman for as long as she needs our help. Volunteers, staff, fundraisers and supporters are backing them all the way.

We believe in a world where all women will be safe, feel loved and thrive!

Last year (2022-23):

29 women exited street sex work

For women in Bristol who are street sex-working, it’s a last resort. They are in crisis: using hard drugs to cope with trauma, sex-working to fund addiction and further traumatised by violence. It’s dangerous, lonely and difficult to leave but last year 29 women exited street sex work.

165 women were safer from violence

The number of women reporting violence to us has more than doubled since the start of the COVID pandemic. Exploitation and abuse isn’t unusual for women who are stigmatised and fighting their own battles. Thanks to One25’s highly trained volunteers and staff, 165 women were safer last year.

135 women were connected to specialist services to get the help they needed

One25 has strong partnerships with over 70 services in Bristol and beyond to make sure the women we meet get as much as they can of the very best support.

81 women developed life skills and independence

From courses to volunteering and even to getting jobs… building self-esteem and working towards financial independence can help a woman create a place of her own in the community.

How we measure our impact

Our commitment to helping vulnerable women transform their lives is backed by robust impact measurement. Our bespoke database logs women’s immediate and long-term needs, take-up of services, the sorts of interventions they require and the actions taken.

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How we help

How we help
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Our finances
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