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The media has a very important role in fighting discrimination and abuse against women with a history or current involvement in street sex-work and substance misuse. Sensationalist and inaccurate reporting can result in a lack of understanding towards this vulnerable group and can lead to damaging repercussions in their and their families’ lives.

Please read our media coverage guidance policy. One25 will decide whether to engage in confrontational debates on a case-by-case basis. We request that journalists avoid naming and/or using identifying photographs of this group of women. Identifying these women can prove extremely damaging to their long-term rehabilitation.

We will not, in any instance, share information that could identify any individual service users. We are aware that some people that claim to be media professionals are attempting to make contact with women supported by One25. We strongly advise media professionals not to attempt to make direct contact with our service users as this can put the women at risk.

We exist to support vulnerable women and maintaining confidentiality is an important part of that. We will always do what we can to inform and support media interest in the work we do to help women break free from life-controlling challenges so they can build new, independent lives.

For press enquiries, please email or call the Communications Manager Amy Sutcliffe on 0117 909 4390. Please note that interviews are only possible by appointment.

One25 Media Coverage Guidance

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One25 Media Policy

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