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We’re proud to be Bristol’s award-winning charity for women escaping poverty and violence on the streets. And we need Bristol’s CSR to back us all the way.

That’s you, by the way!

Let us help you meet your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals in a Bristol charity partnership with One25. You can empower local people to change their lives for the better. We all know why Bristol is frequently voted one of the UK’s best cities to live and work in. It’s why you and your business care just as much about CSR as you do about profit. It’s why you’re actively seeking a Charity of the Year partnership or other ways to engage with those in need in your community. Our city has so much going for it and we should feel proud to call it our home.

But what about those of us who don’t have a home? What about those for whom each day is a struggle just to survive. Let’s not kid ourselves, Bristol may be great, but it could be better. Right now, over 130 women in Bristol are at high risk of violence, homelessness and life-threatening illness. They live lives most of us wouldn’t survive a day in. We must not overlook these women. If our city is as creative and innovative as we think it is, we can’t leave them behind.

Your CSR has the power and responsibility to make Bristol even better…

…starting with those who are in the greatest need. Show some of the city’s most marginalised women that they’re not forgotten. Show them Bristol cares. Partner with One25 and together we’ll work out exactly how your business can have the greatest impact for women escaping Bristol’s streets. We’ll help you make it meaningful and motivating for your whole team. We’ll create excellent opportunities to shout about your CSR with great PR and social marketing. Pick us as your Charity of the Year.

Lend us your team for a day in our free ‘Directors Challenge’ team-building event and we’ll send them back buzzing with achievement. Share your skills. Fundraise. Put on some exciting events for your clients. Take hold of our mission with both hands and watch it bring your teams together for a shared goal that’s so much more than making money.

"If it wasn't for One25 I wouldn't be where I am today – cleaned up, looking after my family and even going back to education!"

- Serena

"As a two-woman Bristol business, we were looking to support a local charity with a female focus, and came across One25 through a chance meeting with a volunteer. On visiting their St Pauls drop-in centre, we were moved by the incredible work that they do, and the incredible women they support in the city. Our journey with them since has been more enriching than we could ever have imagined. It's been a privilege to be part of this."

- Lyn Jones and Julie Laming, Planning Ventures

Begin your CSR with Bristol’s favourite women’s charity.

Get in touch with Lu on or 0117 909 4389

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