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One25 is a Bristol charity which reaches out to women who street sex work.

We support them to move from crisis and trauma towards independence in the community. Wherever they are in their journeys, we give love and practical support, without judgement or expectation.

Our vision is of a world where all women are safe, feel loved and thrive.

"I wouldn’t be where I am now if One25 hadn’t scooped me up. And I’ve never looked back.”"

- Cora

Why we are here

We meet women who have been deeply traumatised from childhood abuse and violence. This leads to life situations where they are stigmatised, marginalised, locked out of society and face life-controlling issues. Find out about the needs of Bristol’s hidden women

The difference we make

Last year, we worked with 271 women in Bristol, supporting them to exit street sex work, be safer from violence, access specialist support and develop skills and independence. Read more about our impact

How we help

We work non-judgementally and with unconditional love to build a relationship with each woman. The outreach van meets women on the streets at night, the casework team give one-to-one specialist support, and the health hub offers access to healthcare professionals. These are the ways One25 helps women

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Sophie said "Thank God for One25. You saved my life."

Read about our impact

Our impact
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How we're organised

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Our story

Our story

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