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Who are the One25 staff? We are the frontline workers changing lives; the office team holding us together and the fundraisers keeping us going. We could do none of this without our 120 volunteers, our fantastic partners or you – our supporters.

Anna Smith, CEO

Anna Smith


Formerly with Bristol domestic abuse charity Survive and London-based Advance Charity, Anna joined One25 as CEO in 2017.

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Jennifer Riley

Operations Manager

Jenny comes to One25 with over 10 years’ prior experience working with homeless people in Bristol. She works closely with the CEO to implement strategic plans and overall management of One25.

Jenny is One25’s designated safeguarding lead.

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One25 Amy Sutcliffe

Amy Sutcliffe

Fundraising and Communications Manager

Amy leads on all our fundraising, connecting supporters to the women we help and ensuring that we’re still here for the women tomorrow, the day after, and the day after that.

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One25 Sophie Whitaker

Sophie Whitaker

Finance and Resources Manager

Sophie leads on HR, finance and infrastructure; cementing One25’s foundations so that the work can actually happen.

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Tracey T NEW

Tracey Tudor

Services Manager

Tracey heads up the drop-in, casework and outreach frontline services to ensure that women can get the help that they need. A ray of sunshine on even the gloomiest day, Tracey brings positive energy in abundance!

Tracey is deputy safeguarding lead for these services.

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Kate D

Kate D'Arcy

Services Manager

Kate oversees Pause and Peony, ensuring they become long-term sustainable projects which reach out and provide quality support for women in Bristol. Her background is in education and youth and community work, situated on the margins of society, supporting vulnerable girls and women.

Kate is deputy safeguarding lead for these services.

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Rachel Mac Dermot

Drop-in Manager

Rachel ensures that drop-in is a safe and supportive environment for our women. She creates the space where opportunities arise for staff and volunteers to work with women in whatever their needs are.

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Amy Bridges

Amy Bridges

Drop-in Support Worker

Amy assists with the running of drop-in.

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Grace Hitchcock

Independent Domestic and Sexual Violence Advisor

Grace supports women who have experienced physical or sexual assault to get justice, therapeutic support and a safer lifestyle. She also works with a small number of trafficked women.

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high five

Moira Hutton

Independent Domestic and Sexual Violence Advisor

Moira supports women who have experienced physical or sexual assault to get justice, therapeutic support and a safer lifestyle.

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doctors bag

Jane Bowman

Recovery Caseworker

Jane brings over 30 years of experience in supporting people with addictions, child abuse, criminal justice issues and much more. As a recovery worker, Jane specialises in helping the women to exit street sex-work and address their addictions so they can build a new life in the community, free from life-controlling issues.

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house icon

Sophie Banks

Housing Caseworker

Sophie works with women around any housing related need – benefits, tenancies, vulnerable housing, rough sleeping. She can advise on options and make referrals into safe and supportive accommodation. Sophie continues to work alongside women who are housed to help prevent any future episodes of homelessness.

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Dani Colton

Assessment and Reconnections Worker

In partnership with St Mungo’s, Dani helps deliver the Assessment and Reconnection Service which aims to prevent people at risk of rough sleeping spending a night on the streets. Her main focus is on women, helping them to quickly connect with support networks.

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Tabby Horsfall

Tabby Horsfall

Golden Key Services Coordinator

Golden Key is a research partnership programme across Bristol. This post works with women experiencing issues around offending, mental health, homelessness and substance misuse, coordinating their support and documenting any barriers to accessing services. This is especially helpful for our most hard-to-reach, marginalised women.

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mental health icon

Rujina Alam

Assertive Contact and Engagement Caseworker (part time)

The ACE service is a venture within the Bristol mental health system, working with groups that are considered hard-to-reach and under-represented within mental health services. Rujina is part of our casework team and helps the women who access One25 to feel better and safer around their mental health.

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photo of Tilly Evans

Tilly Evans

Criminal Justice Caseworker

Tilly works both in prison and in the community, helping women caught in a cycle of repeat offending. She helps the most vulnerable and at-risk women to know that they are not alone.

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photo of Maria

Maria Carvalho

Peony Coordinator

Maria ensures that the Peony service is a welcoming and safe space for women who are moving out of crisis. She oversees a programme of activities and one-to-one support for women to build their self-confidence, develop skills and have more choice and control in their life.

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photo of Chloe

Chloe Ferguson

Peony support worker

Chloe supports women in their next steps of recovery by engaging them in activities involving peer support, practical skill development and emotional resilience.

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photo of Beth

Beth Friedeberg

Peony support worker

Beth works with women through the Peony service, supporting them to build resilience and skills so they can maintain their recovery.

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Shiona One25

Shiona MacPherson

Grant Fundraiser

Shiona works with local and national grant makers to secure funding for One25’s services.

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Lu Oct 17

Lu Willott

Community Fundraiser

Lu works with individuals, community groups and corporates, supporting them to fundraise and raise awareness of One25 and the women we serve.

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photo of Gemma

Gemma Harvey

Donor Fundraiser

Gemma works with our wonderful individual donors, keeping them updated on all the work their gifts make possible.

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Sam Ford

Communications Officer

Sam works to keep supporters and the public updated and informed. He manages One25’s website and social media as well as working with volunteer speakers and with the media.

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Jenny Benson

Jenny Benson

Fundraising & Communications Intern

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Amelia Glanville

Amelia Glanville

Volunteer Coordinator

Amelia recruits, supports, coordinates and trains our volunteers. She has a background working in mental health and homelessness services in different roles including front-line and volunteer coordination.

If you are interested in volunteering email

Contact Amelia directly on

Cassie Barfield

Cassie Barfield

Executive Assistant

Cassie supports Anna and Sophie in their day-to-day activities. In doing so she frees them up so they can continue to put all their efforts into making sure the women can get all the help they need and that One25 is fit for purpose!

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One25 Kate Golten

Kate Golten

Finance Assistant

Kate supports Sophie in finance, assists with volunteer co-ordination as well as general administration. She’s a busy woman with a varied role which includes bargain hunting for crucial supplies, such as gloves, knickers and toothbrushes, when we are running low of donated goods.

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One25 Sue Hazelden

Sue Hazelden

Resources Coordinator

As the longest serving staff member at One25, Sue supports Sophie with issues relating to One25’s infrastructure as well as HR. She’s our resident techie, when the usual ‘switch it off then on again’ technique falls flat!

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Maddy Saunders

Maddy Saunders

Administrative Assistant

Maddy helps in the operational support team and previously worked as coordinator at Pause Bristol.

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One25 Polly Bramley

Polly Bramley

Services Assistant

Polly monitors stocks to make sure that there is always a plentiful supply of cake, clothes and food for the women as well as preparing the drop-in and office spaces to be ready for anything. She only works mornings but somehow keeps the whole place clean and stocked day and night.

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Verity James-Sinetos (maternity leave)

ACE and Criminal Justice Caseworker

Verity works both in prison and in the community, helping women caught in a cycle of repeat offending. She helps the most vulnerable and at-risk women to know that they are not alone.

In addition, Verity works with the ACE service within the Bristol mental health system; supporting women who are considered hard-to-reach and under-represented within mental health services.

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