Inspired everyday: reflections from casework

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posted this on 02/03/2017

Molly has been with us at One25 on a 5 month placement. She’s been alongside case workers, at drop-in and on the van as part of her social work degree at University of the West of England.

Molly, what’s surprised you?

The amount of crisis work. You don’t know what’s going to happen. It could be any one of a number of issues. Or when something happens who it’s going to be. And there are so many women that we know of but just don’t know where they are.

Ok, what’s influenced you?

There are a lot of ideas people have about street sex workers but the reality soon becomes obvious. Almost every woman we work with has experienced childhood trauma and sexual abuse. And it can be a generational thing – maybe someone’s parents have been into drugs, been in prison. Nobody simply wakes up one day and makes these decisions. But when we’re comfortable and have a good life, we often don’t want to hear about that. Because it is horrible.

What’s inspired you?

Everything, everyday. How resilient the women actually are with what they have to go through. But how appreciative they are is so inspiring too. Also how connected One25 is to other agencies: Bristol Drugs Project, Bristol Specialist Drugs and Alcohol Service, the Compass Centre and all the hostels, the City Council, National Probation Service…

And what do you have in mind for the future?

The big decision: do I go back to Plymouth where I’m from or stay in Bristol? But I definitely want to work in women’s or children and family services. I worked at a mother and baby unit before and felt I could make a difference. And I’d heard of One25 so I was really excited to be sent here on my placement. I’ve learned so much and I want to make it count.

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