LoveWell and Peony

Claire from LoveWell

One25 posted this on 19/12/2019

The amazing LoveWell have been helping women at Peony to hang out, care for each other and make some gorgeous cosmetics. Last week (in December) it was orange and cinnamon candles!

Chloe (Peony): So LoveWell have been coming in once a month for almost a year, I would say, and their sessions are always really well attended.

Claire (LoveWell): With LoveWell the idea is that we are offering supportive, holistic employment for all women in Bristol who want to escape the coerced sex trade.

Chloe: It’s really nice making the cosmetics that LoveWell do cause it’s all centred around self-care and wellbeing and looking after yourself.

Claire: Whether they’ve been used to working in massage parlours or they’ve had past experience of street sex work or maybe they’ve been trafficked over here so they’re survivors of modern day slavery… To say to them if you want to leave tomorrow if you want to come and work, earn money straight away, cash in your pocket – we can employ you.

Chloe: We have more formal spaces where people can talk about trauma in more psychological terms but then having this more relaxed space where people just naturally open up I think is really important.

Claire: We are a bunch of women who are here to support. If you’re ready to take that next step you can come and join our training programme, come and work with us. You will be paid to manufacture products, you will be paid to do lots more kind of training and employment and looking at yourself and thinking about what your next steps might be.

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