Goals for women at Peony

Peony Maria goal setting

One25 posted this on 18/11/2019

The Peony service has deepened its level of support by offering women one-to-one sessions. Each woman can set goals at Peony and take steps towards living the lives they want to lead.

Peony coordinator Maria tells us:

So we’ve started ‘structured goal setting’ with the women who come to Peony. Alongside the workshops that we run – like the cooking and the massage and yoga and money management workshops – we’re also offering them some one-to-one time.

The way we do the goal setting is very individualised and caters to what the woman wants to focus on. The reason why this one-to-one time is so special is that it’s about focusing on where that woman is now and where they want to be in the future. It’s not about focusing on past experiences they had and how they might be a barrier to her.

One particular woman we work with has a lot of different support needs. Being able to write things down on paper and taking one thing at a time has been really helpful for her…

So women are setting goals around their health and wellbeing, volunteering or training, around their substance misuse (whether that’s maintaining their recovery or reducing their use or thinking about rehab), social relationships and finding more structure in the day.

Goal setting is a really important part of Peony that will support women to lead the life they want to lead.

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