Lucy’s light

moon and hug
moon and hug

One25 posted this on 03/12/2019

Lucy used to jump on the van, get what she needed, say goodbye and leave.

She was trapped in addiction, homeless, and her mental and physical health were really suffering. But we couldn’t get her interested in support. Her self-confidence was so low and she didn’t want to come to drop-in.

After a devastating experience with other services she believed that no one would ever help her again. Despite encouragement she found it difficult to feel she was worth it.

One day she just walked into drop-in.

Only a week before we’d lined up emergency housing for her but she had no idea and this came right of the blue! Something had changed and she wanted to make her own choices.

For years, Lucy was one of the women we saw most often at night – her situation was desperate. If there had been no outreach van, we wouldn’t have known she existed. But it was there for her every time. She knew that she was cared for.

And now things are so different! She’s been safely housed long-term, she’s on prescribed substitute drugs, she’s in better touch with her family and she’s starting to think about her future.

The van was Lucy’s first step. Can you help bring light to more women?

Help raise £25,000 to keep One25’s vital outreach van on the road. Join The Big Give Christmas Challenge from 3 to 10 December and see your donation doubled!

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