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One25’s drop-in is a woman-only space where women gain practical and emotional support; from basic needs (a hot shower, launderette, free clothing, nutritious lunch) to expert advice and crisis care from a caseworker or visiting professional. Last year 120 women visited our drop-in to receive crisis care and start their journey to recovery.


Without a fixed address or stability in their lives, women on the streets find it incredibly difficult to register with a doctor or make appointments with support agencies to address their critical needs. Drop-in redresses this issue by hosting GPs, nurses and life skills professionals throughout the week. In addition, our drop-in coordinator works with each woman in crisis – whether following an attack or sudden homelessness – and helps others identify and pursue goals such as signing up for benefits.

Women can come along and cook with our drop-in support worker, where they learn nutrition, catering and food hygiene skills while cooking a meal for the afternoon drop-in session. They can also enjoy creative activities, such as ceramics, joint cooking classes with Square Food Foundation or quilting; learn a life skill such as budgeting or literacy or gain support in accessing community courses. The homely, relaxed atmosphere gives opportunities for the women to develop their skills, improve their self-esteem and build on their capacity for change.

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Drop-in is open Monday to Wednesday and Friday: 12:30-3:30pm. Need help? Visit drop-in at this address.

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