A team of specialist caseworkers

Specialist support tackling multiple disadvantages

Some women have no people, no family. They feel dismissed and disbelieved. We believe them. When everything else is gone, they’re not forgotten. Notes on the van, texts and calls and letters… being there whenever, holding things together. If something doesn’t help her then we’ll try to see what does.

If something happens, she knows we can act on it. In prison, on the streets, after assaults… we can promise to be there. We understand that women’s journeys are their own. If it’s what she needs then there’s no way we’re leaving her.

"You believed in me when I had no hope and showed me respect and care. You helped me into a safer place to live which has transformed my health and wellbeing. You've always been so willing to work hard with me at my recovery."

- Poppy
142 women last year were supported by the casework team around housing, mental health, addiction, sexual and domestic violence, finance, wellbeing and the criminal justice system.

Women are coming for casework with increasingly complex needs

Specialist caseworkers build relationships with each woman and support her to battle serious issues. We are there for women when they decide the time is right. Choosing to face trauma, addiction or other controlling issues can be terrifying. We’re there when they see set backs and we’re there when they succeed.

We’re with each woman, on her terms, for as long as she needs support… and we never give up.

The casework team offers specialist support to women who’ve experienced severe multiple disadvantages: addiction, domestic and sexual violence, or issues with mental health, housing and finance, and criminal justice. Last year the team worked intensively with 142 women, enabling many to permanently step away from the streets and begin new lives free from poverty, violence and addiction.

Caseworkers give women one-to-one support to take steps to improve their quality of life. They help women take ownership of their lives, identify the changes they want to make and then achieve these goals. Alongside partner services in Bristol and beyond they offer flexible, seamless support.

They first assess each woman’s immediate needs – such as securing a safe place to live – and then meet regularly to work on achieving their longer-term goals: rehabilitation from drugs, freedom from the streets or rebuilding relationships with safe family members. Referrals for casework support can come from anywhere: outreach, drop-in, other support agencies and self-referrals.

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a caseworker leaving the One25 building carrying a box of supplies with the white night outreach van alongside facing the building

Night outreach

Night outreach
three women talking at a table in the cosy drop-in with bunting and a picture of One25 founder Val Jeal on the wall

Drop-in centre

Drop-in centre
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