Peony workshops: budgeting

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One25 posted this on 08/07/2019

Many women at Peony struggle financially and are worried about the impact of Universal Credit. So the sterling folks at Talking Money ran a brilliant workshop on budgeting.


Hi, I’m Beth!

So, yesterday we had a workshop on budgeting. We talked about how different people have different priorities when it comes to spending and how we all think different things are important. And then looking at different tools to help save money…

Quite a few women came to the workshop because it kind of links in with Universal Credit. There’s quite a lot of fear around the changes that are going to come into place.

Most of the women who come to Peony do struggle financially. Talking Money is one aspect of a very holistic approach. Obviously we’re looking at helping women to feel more confident… Peony is all about helping women to take their place in the community.

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