Charis shaves her head for One25….and raises over £2500! Read the story and watch the video

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Laura Ho posted this on 08/01/2015

When it comes to showing your support for One25 shaving your head certainly ranks amongst the most daring ways to do it! But that’s just what Charis Lawry-White did. In just 2 months she was able to raise over £2500 for One25. That could keep our outreach van running for over 6 months. Here’s what Charis had to say about the experience:

‘I first encountered One25 when two close friends took part in the charity’s ‘Give it up for One25’ campaign. They told me a bit about what the charity did and the women it helped. To be honest, I was shocked that there were people living in the same city as I was – a city I had lived in for then 4 years which had totally bowled me over with it’s beauty, diversity, opportunity and elegance – who were undergoing such extreme suffering everyday. I had never seen it; but I guess I hadn’t been looking.

The sense of shock stayed with me and when, in April, I decided I wanted to shave my hair off to raise a large sum of money for a local charity, One25 seemed a really worthwhile cause.


"What was actually shaving my head like? Honestly, exhilarating. Was I scared? A little."


The more I thought about the condition in which these women have found themselves, the more I wanted to do something practical to help them. Through further research and various conversations with a helpful member of their staff at One25, I felt confident that this was not only a cause I wanted to support but also a charity that would tackle the issue effectively.

What was actually shaving my head like? Honestly, exhilarating. Was I scared? A little. I certainly had butterflies but in an excited and eager way, not in a scared or hesitant way. Of course there are still times where I look in the mirror and feel a pang of sadness that my hair has gone – I knew that this would be the case. But there are positives and negatives in everything, and for me the positives so drastically outweighed the one negative that I actively wanted to do it, and so I did.’


Would you consider shaving your head for One25? Do you have something else in mind? Contact Claire to tell us what it is…. or call 0117 909 4390

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