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Keeping looking forward: Elsie, probation and unconditional love

Verity James-Sinetos posted this on 26/05/2017

“The value of One25 is often unquantifiable; most of the women haven’t ever had someone who cares unconditionally.”

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community meeting

Anna Smith, CEO

Prison and society: women need a different approach

Anna Smith posted this on 31/03/2017

In 2007 Baroness Corston’s report proposed a radical reshaping of women’s prisons. Ten years on, national charity Women in Prison has published a review and it’s worrying how far we still need to go.

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“It was fun, and I felt very privileged to have taken part for such a great cause”

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Slogans from the two collages

Slogans from the two collages

The noise of joy! Our IWD2017 celebrations

Rachel Mac Dermot, drop-in coordinator posted this on 10/03/2017

Our women face massive inequality and injustice day-to-day. Drop-in coordinator Rachel tells how International Women’s Day united people in joy.

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