One25 Casework

Last year, our caseworkers gave intensive support to 169 women, enabling many to permanently step away from the streets and successfully integrate into the community.

We offer one-to-one casework, supporting each woman in taking steps to improve her quality of life and acting as personal advocate when necessary. Often their lives have been filled with exploitation so our caseworkers help them take ownership of their lives, identify the changes they want to make and then achieve these goals. They first assess each woman’s immediate needs – such as securing a safe place to live – and then meet regularly to work on achieving their longer-term goals: rehabilitation from drugs, freedom from the streets or rebuilding relationships with safe family members. Referrals for casework support can come from anywhere: outreach, drop-in, other support agencies and of course self-referrals.

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Our six caseworkers hold specialisms in: addiction treatment; victim support; mental health; housing and finance; family support; criminal justice; and life skills. Caseworkers work Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm. Call 0117 909 8832 for help.

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