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One25 posted this on 13/06/2023

Peony has been incredible. We continue to feel the loss, deeply, but are thankful to have had the opportunity to support so many women over the last five years. Below is a beautiful reflection written by the Peony members of staff. These moving words wonderfully sum up how incredible Peony and all those involved through the years have been.

The Peony represents compassion. It comes in many shapes, sizes and colours. Some grow tall and woody, some squat and leafy. All have thick juicy roots, tucked deep into the soil and all produce colourful, complex and gorgeous flowers.

Peony has been colourful and complex and gorgeous. We have done so much together.
We boxed, we yoga’d, trapezed, defended and danced. We believed in our bodies and used them to be strong, graceful and joyful. We trusted in ourselves and pushed to try new things even when it was hard. We were massaged and pampered, swapped our clothes and sparkled our nails. We made ourselves feel good on the inside and out.

We went on trips all over; The Botanic garden, Blaise castle, the lake water park, Ashton court and more. Generally, nature called to us and we soaked in sun and water and snuffled and nibbled at the shrubs and plants to hand.

We drank a lot of tea and coffee – and ate together often. There were deliciousness’s and disasters, each of us with our own favourite dishes. We did so much cooking!
Christmas karaoke chaos, ducking and diving from the giant Jenga blocks, bingo-callers and risqué charades. we did so much laughing!

We listened to each other, supported each other and overcame conflicts together. People came and went, so we welcomed new faces and adapted to change.
We lived through a pandemic, cooking and crafting at home and online, we carried on and arrived on the other side to come together again. We overcame so much.

We’ve shared so many moments and taken so many steps – big and small – to look after ourselves and each other. Be proud of yourself for where you are – for finding the next bit of your path, for listening to yourselves and for showing up and being part of your community.

Peony was full of fun, friendship and facing your demons. Resilience and self-compassion grew like the garden around us and gained colour like the walls and windows, when sprinkled with your art.

A Peony is not a place or a person, a peony is a living plant;
It is starting as a seed and buried deep,
It is roots reaching out taking in life and love from it’s surrounding,
it is growing up and up, through the darkness, pushing against resistance and adversity. It is arriving at that first glimpse of light,
it is petals opening to the sun
and it is folding and falling back into the ground again to gather energy ready to blossom again.
We have grown, blossomed, fallen and grown again. We have done so much together.

We are all Peony.

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