Warrior Queen!

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One25 posted this on 18/01/2022

At Peony, Clover told her story. It’s now part of the Breathing Space resource for women experiencing domestic violence, developed by AVA.


I’m a survivor.

I didn’t choose this path; this path chose me. So now I will walk it with pride.

I’ve known dark, violent storms and vicious, cruel tongues, and nights spent crying and shaken.

My hurt and pain will now not define me. My story is not over. I am a warrior queen! Ready for each new battle.

But just for a while, I will hide myself up and feel comforted and safe – protect myself until my story is ready to be heard.

Oh look! I’m changing. I’m growing. Getting braver and stronger with each new day. I now have a beautiful voice and deserve to be heard.

At last I’m ready for the world to see me in all my glory. No longer hiding, I’m breaking free. I am beautiful, I am amazing and free.

I am on to new adventures in which I wear my crown with pride.

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