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One25 posted this on 27/01/2023

One25 services meet women at their point of need with love and practical support. Peony is unique in gathering women who are further on in their recovery journey, exploring what a life of emotional and financial independence may look like for them. So much happens along the way; helping women develop wellbeing, self-esteem and skills to reach their goals in the community.

Here is a beautiful poem written by one of our Peony staff members, summing up a year at Peony.

A Year at Peony

A year is such a funny thing, they go so quickly and yet feel so long, hard to keep track of and difficult to forget – so let us remind you what this year at Peony looked like.

We boxed, we yoga’d, trapezed, defended and danced. We believed in our bodies and used them to be strong, graceful and joyful. We trusted in ourselves and pushed to try new things even when it was hard.

We went on a trip to the botanic garden and were so hungry everyone just wanted to know which plants were edible – which sadly wasn’t many. It rained for a while but then the sun shone on us, so we bathed in it while we waited for our taxi’s, with bellies full of warm spinach and feta pastries.

We did some work on the garden – in the spring it looked so full and bright and as the autumn came, we brought colour back with our beautiful bench. In between it looked a little overgrown, but throughout each season we’ve used the space to catch up, to laugh together and to have some space to breathe.

You took part in making Peony what it is – coming up with ideas, giving feedback, going to forums, and even helping to recruit our CEO! You took the opportunity to have a say and make it count, knowing that each of your voices matters.

We drank a lot of tea – and ate together. There were deliciousness’s and disasters, each of us with our own favourite dishes. We did so much cooking! You made your own breads and pastas; we fried chicken and tried our hand at vegan food. We explored the flavours of the world and put our own twists on them, but in the end we always welcome a good old jacket potato.

There was ring making, and wreaths, we made candles and cards. You saw the mosaic project through to the end and came out with something beautiful – every single one was different to the next and just as individual as each of you.

We had extra bank holidays and extra prime ministers – then we lost the queen but gained a king. There were heatwaves and lollipops, cold spells and hot water bottles. We all got a year older and a year wiser! We listened to each other, supported each other and overcame conflicts together. People came and went, so we welcomed new faces and adapted to change.

This year we’ve shared so many moments and taken so many steps – big and small – to look after ourselves and each other. Be proud of yourself for where you are – for finding the next bit of your path, for listening to yourselves and for showing up and being part of your community.

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