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CEO Anna Smith outside the drop-in where women come into the heart of the service
Anna Smith smiling

Anna Smith, CEO posted this on 03/10/2019

One25 puts women at the heart of the service.

We give women love and together we build trust so they can make choices for safer and healthier lives.

This year we have been part of the City Partnership conversation, bringing together all the sectors in Bristol to determine a combined strategy and working closely with the Mayor to raise awareness of the issues which challenge our women.

In September, Peony opened to offer a programme of support to women in Bristol facing multiple disadvantages. The results have already been so positive, with women finding volunteering opportunities and improving their wellbeing. We are determined to further embed this into our range of services.

Working on the streets is not really a choice – it is survival. We open our doors without judgement to all women who need us. As trust deepens, women choose to move out of addiction and into recovery, to step away from abusive and violent situations, to enter safe accommodation and to improve mental health.

Our work is challenging and it can be hard for staff to see women who are going through a particularly hard time. But we hold on to the good stuff. Recently, on our summer picnic with the women, one of them described the drop-in as ‘my beautiful place’.

They constantly inspire us.

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