Lockdown: “It made my day!”

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One25 posted this on 01/05/2020

Chloe and Lizzy (who in normal times work at Peony and Pause) explain how they’ve made up activity packs for isolated women. True to One25’s ethos, they offer love and practical support.

Chloe: This week we’ve made up 50 activity packs with some fun stuff like word searches and crosswords and connect the dots and things like that. And I think some have gone out to prisons as well.

Lizzy: We’ve posted 22 and I’ve already started to get messages to say that women have received them which is really good. We’ve delivered two although… the pile has drastically gone down from yesterday so I’m assuming that a lot have been taken out today as well!

Chloe: Obviously it’s super important to look after people’s physical needs and make sure they’ve got food and medicine… and that of course is vital but really looking after people’s emotional needs as well is so important at the moment. So it was really great to be able to include resources on wellbeing and how to manage anxiety.

Lizzy: We desperately wanted to try and give them something and help in some way. At the least it might inspire a bit of creativity or just give something to do for a bit. But I think… hopefully it helps women to feel like they’re not in it alone.

Chloe: I think a lot of us take it for granted how just having internet and… a supply of craft stuff at home means that we do have stuff to keep ourselves busy and pass the time. And a lot of the people we support don’t have that luxury.

Lizzy: Someone texted me and said it made their day.

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