Happy Volunteers Week!

Kathryn, volunteer manager

Kathryn (volunteer manager) posted this on 01/06/2021

Happy Volunteers Week!

We wanted to say a huge thankyou to our amazing 140 One25 volunteers who have been giving us so much support over the last year. You are absolutely incredible, massively committed… And to those who’ve been waiting patiently at home, we are so excited to welcome you back.

"I found out the other day that you're all volunteers on the van. Why would you do that? Why would you come out to us in the middle of the night and not get paid? I love you all!"

- Helena

"One25 is the place that I call my second home and the volunteers are like my family"

- Maya

"The love and support I received from staff and volunteers changed my life. I felt warmth and love for the first time in a very long time."

- Hannah

Chloe (Pause and Peony): Massive thank you to the Pause and Peony peer volunteers who help us run the groups smoothly, get all set up and support women whilst they’re there.

Florrie (Peony): Massive thank you to our Peony session volunteers and our volunteer cooks who come in and cook tasty meals and provide a safe space for women to enjoy.

Helen (operational support team): Thank you to all our lovely admin volunteers for their help around the office.

Polly (services assistant): Thanks to the volunteers who sort out our clothes donations.

Sophie (finance and resources manager): Thanks prayer volunteers for all your support: praying for the women, praying for us and just helping us to do al the work that we do.

Amy (fundraising and communications manager): Thank you bakers for showing women love with cake.

Tracey (services manager): Thank you for the van volunteers. What can I say? Your dedication… your commitment… You’re amazing!

Anna (CEO): Thank you all trustees for holding the organisation so well.

Rachel (drop-in manager): Thank you drop-in volunteers for making drop-in a warm, safe space.

Kathryn (volunteer manager): From all of the staff and all of the women here at One25, thank you so much.

And a massively happy Volunteers Week!

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