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You’ve signed up to My One25 Miles from 1 to 31 July and will be going the distance to help a woman find safety. Go you!

Next step – your powerful page

Create your fundraising page and make it personal (and powerful). Say why you’re taking part and upload an eye-catching photo. Pages with photos raise twice the amount! Don’t forget to set a target.

Be ambitious. You can change it any time and people love to feel they’re helping you reach a goal, so give them one. Inject a little humour as well as a heartfelt plea. Aim to make your readers laugh and cry before they hit that all important ‘donate’ button!

Be a trailblazer and make the first donation to your page. By donating first you’ll show the world you’re willing to put your money where your mouth is. It’s also a great opportunity to influence people who arrive on your page and choosing how much to give. Often people are looking for guidance – a higher first donation sets an expectation and could motivate them to give generously. We know that people who donate to their own page raise significantly more than those who don’t and it also helps you feel confident in asking others to do it! It’s a win-win.

Finally, join our One25 Strava Club to feel part of the team and to keep a track of your miles alongside the rest of us! Please note, you will be asked to create a free Strava account if you don’t have one already. You can also link your Strava with your Justgiving page, to keep your sponsors up to date with your challenge.

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