She deserves better

Women don’t feel safe

Women who street sex work are among society’s most hidden and vulnerable, they’re at huge risk of violence, being 12 times more likely to be murdered than other women. For a woman working the streets of Bristol tonight, violence is seen as a constant – ‘part of the job’ or part of a ‘normal relationship’.

She deserves better

We know she deserves better. Violence should never be normal. All women deserve safety and real choice in how they live, not driven by addiction, coercive relationships or trauma.

How you can help

This International Women’s Day you can donate to our She deserves better appeal and raise awareness.

The One25 outreach van goes out 5 nights a week, providing practical support, safety alarms, and help to women reporting attacks and reporting dangerous individuals to the national Ugly Mugs database.

£3 can buy a safety alarm for a vulnerable woman. £15 can pay for a week

Specialist case workers provide essential support and advocacy to women escaping abusive relationships, reporting incidents, and overcoming trauma.

£38 can pay for a caseworker to meet a vulnerable woman for coffee somewhere safe for an hour, an opportunity to give her advice and answer questions away from someone she might feel threatened by. £200 can give emergency help to a woman fleeing abuse from a partner.  It can pay for a caseworker to take her to safety and organise crisis accommodation, with a starter pack of food and clothes to help her restart her life.

All women deserve safety. Your support can show a woman that she deserves better, it can help her reach safety and get the support she needs.


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