How to ‘Give it up’ at home

Whatever you decide to give up for 125 hours, make sure it’s safe to do so from home and super sponsorable. In other words, pick something that involves a healthy dose of suffering, novelty or humiliation (all tongue-in-cheek of course). Here are some ideas:


Give up solid food. Waaaaaaaah (embrace the blended mush).

Give up your hair – let a child give you a haircut, shave it all off, dye it an ‘interesting’ colour.

Give up speaking – go silent or sing instead for the 125 hours. Cut out key words from your vocab (like ‘yes’ and ‘no’), or speak another language.


Give up furniture – work, eat, sleep on the floor! No beds, tables, seats (except the loo of course!)

Give up speaking without dancing – in other words, dance your socks off every time you speak! (one of our favourites from the ‘Give it up’ archive).

Give up one of your 5 senses – wear a blindfold, a nose peg, ear plugs, gardening gloves, eat only bland food. Or do a different one each day for the 5 day challenge.


Give up wearing ‘normal’ clothes – wear something.. well.. humiliating each day and flaunt it with plenty of photos and videos shared online. A few of our team are wearing banana costumes. You could let your sponsors decide?

Give up your dignity – broadcast live each day of the 125 hours doing different challenges set by your sponsors, like singing a classic ballad at the top of your lungs, dancing full pelt to whatever songs they request, pouring a bucket of cold water over you.

  • Give it up - humiliated woman
  • Give it up - waving man
  • Give it up - laughing woman

Of course you can also give up something a little less extreme. Perhaps there’s a habit you’re trying to break and this is just the excuse you need? Or you could do with a detox? Caffeine, smoking, alcohol, swearing, TV, sugar. You could add a donation every time you slip up, or boost your sponsorship with any savings you’ve made throughout the 125 hours.

Whatever you decide, stay home, stay safe, and GO FOR IT!!

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