Virtual fundraising

Stay inside, but think outside the box with our virtual fundraising ideas!

Recently we’ve had to stay inside our homes… but we can still think outside the box! We need you, our amazing, creative supporters, more than ever. Raise your spirits and raise funds for some of Bristol’s most vulnerable women by getting involved with virtual fundraising. Here’s how:

Gym class

Ask your friends and family to sponsor you to run or walk a marathon (over a month), or star-jump for hours, do 125 press-ups every day, burpees, headstands – whatever you can stretch to! Build it into your daily outdoor exercise for some fresh air or do it ‘on the spot’ at home and live stream it for the world to see. You’ll enjoy the huge benefits of keeping fit and making a difference to women’s lives.

Games night

Host a virtual cards or board games night with your mates! You could play video games via Twitch, or try out some Houseparty gaming apps. There’s no need to leave the house (except to bundle some extra snacks into your weekly shop!). Just pick your preferred online hangout, send out the invitation and get everyone together for some healthy competition and playfulness. Ask for entry donations or contributions to a prize pot split between the winner and One25.

Disco time

Get sponsored to dance for however many hours you can bear, and broadcast it on Facebook Live or Instagram TV. Send people to a sponsorship page to show their support and to add extra requests and forfeits for you to work into your routine! Why not get people to join in at home by teaching a few steps on the video?

Karaoke competition

Hold a Karaoke Night over HouseParty with up to 8 people or Zoom for even more. Donate what you would have paid for drinks for the evening, spend time together with your friends singing along to your favourite hits. Pair up and battle it out like ‘The Voice’, or vote for your overall winner and reward them a prize of your choice.

Come Dine With Me

Host a remote ‘Come Dine With Me’ with family and friends. Everyone donates an agreed amount of money and each person suggests a course that everyone can make with easy cupboard ingredients. You can all cook and eat together over Skype or Zoom or FaceTime. The best suggested course wins half the pot, with the rest donated to One25.

A night at the movies

Why not have a movie marathon over Netflix Party with your mates? Watch something none of you have ever watched before and donate the price of your normal cinema ticket to us.

The morning cuppa.

Have a meeting on Zoom with your colleagues to chat and catch up with a cuppa, and while you’re at it everyone can donate the price of their normal morning coffee to One25. Why not make it a weekly event? We all need to feel looked after and listened to in times like these.

Get speedy!

Challenge your mates to a 5k race and race them remotely on Strava. Everyone heads out on a particular day to run 5k. Everyone donates an agreed amount of money, and the slowest runner has to buy a Deliveroo for the fastest!

Let’s get quizzical…

Take on a pub quiz on Kahoot with your mates (Facetime at the same time for that extra level of competition and fun!) Donate your entry fee for a normal pub quiz then play along with your friends over Kahoot. The loser gets set a dare by the winner, which they have to perform on social media!

Skill share

Set up virtual tutorials for anything you have some expertise in. It could be a drawing lesson, a vocal masterclass, how to grow your own veggies, knitting or other crafts, how to make the perfect chocolate brownies!! You can broadcast your skills via Youtube, Instagram or Facebook Live and ask people to contribute to your donations page for access to your skills

Donate and dare

Dare contest via Instagram or Facebook live, people donate and dare you to do things on a stream.

Guess the baby

Hold a baby photo contest. You could use dropbox or ask for submissions via email. Upload all the entries to a gallery or to your stories on your preferred social site and add a poll, questions or quiz to receive people’s guesses. Charge a small entry fee (or add a donate button to your post to make it super easy). You could even take votes on categories like “cutest,” “chubbiest,” and “most improved.” There are so many ways to have fun with this and learn more about your nearest and dearest.

Start your virtual fundraiser by setting up a fundraising page and work your way through the list. Which one will you choose first?

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