You don’t do things by halves, do you. You’ve never been one to fade quietly into the background, lurk in the shadows and wonder ‘what if’? No, no, no! You’re the one with the best stories to tell. You say ‘yes’ to life! People marvel at the audacity you have to squeeze every ounce of juice from the fruit life serves you.

Go into freefall

Well we’ve got something juicy for you. Sign up for a One25 skydive today and you’ll soon have your legs dangling out of the side of a light aircraft 12,000 feet up, ready to experience the thrill of your life in no time? You’ll etch an experience into your memory that you’ll never forget, whilst giving a woman a fresh chance to build a life away from the dangerous streets.


Course you are! You can book your tandem skydive at a local drop zone by using our booking partner Skyline. Search their full list of charities to find One25 and you’ll be asked for a £70 deposit when booking with the remaining balance due on the jump day. If you like, this can be redeemed from the £395 or more you raise in sponsorship.

Let us know once you’ve booked and we’ll be in touch to cheerlead you along the way.

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One25 Skydive Pack

One25 Skydive Pack

A support pack for your skydive challenge.

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One25 Sponsor Form

A sponsor form for you to collect offline donations.

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