Love playing games? Join our brand new fundraising campaign, GameGood. This September, play games and raise donations to help some of Bristol’s bravest women find freedom from the streets.

Play whatever you like, however you like

Whether it’s your favourite video games or board game classics. From Poker to Pokémon or Monopoly to Minecraft. All fun is welcome here! You can team up with friends and make it a social event, or tackle it alone and zone the rest of the world out. You can stream it online using Twitch or your preferred broadcast platform, or you can turn the camera off and hold a private event. Whatever you decide, register below and get ready to GameGood your way for one life-changing day.

Register here

🎮 What? GameGood is a 6, 12 or 24-hour sponsored challenge. Choose whichever length you can manage and imagine will drive the most donations to your JustGiving page. Alternatively you could hold a gaming event and collect donations on the day for entry, bake sales, raffles and so on.

🎲 When? Starting 10am on Saturday 14 September, finishing 10am on Sunday 15 September 2019. We encourage you to hold your challenge or event within this time period to promote a sense of solidarity with other GameGood’ers. However you can choose other timeframes of this doesn’t suit.

🎳 How? Register for free today. Then choose your challenge hours and raise sponsorship OR plan your event and invite your guests. However you choose to join in; get ready to play games and spread some good.

🃏 Who? Make it a team challenge / event with friends, family or colleagues. Or go solo. It’s your choice.

🎱 Where? Take part from the comfort of your own home, work, school or a venue of your choice. If you are taking part online, stream your games live using Twitch integrated with Justgiving. Full details of how to do this here.

Tune into One25’s channel on 14 September

However you choose to join in with GameGood, you’ll be in good company. We have some big name gamers who are aiming to pull their super powers together to turbo-charge this campaign. If you can’t take part, we’ll be broadcasting our pro-streamers on One25’s Twitch channel for you to tune into on the day. Cheer them on, set them forfeits and donate to their team page, with all proceeds helping courageous women make a fresh start.

Why take part?

If you join in with the sponsored challenge, GameGood is an opportunity to push yourself to the limit and see what you’re made of. Playing games may not seem that tough, but 6, 12 or 24 hours of brain power and heightened attention is no mean feat.

If you take part by holding a games event, it is a perfect opportunity to inject some extra fun and laughter into time spent with friends and family.

There are currently around 150 women trapped in street sex work in Bristol. They women are incredibly courageous yet have complex emotional and physical needs. By taking part in GameGood you can empower women to move from poverty, addiction and violence, towards safer and fulfilling lives.

  • £120 can make sure we meet women where they need help, funding a Freephone service to our lifeline outreach van for 2 months
  • £400 can give emergency help to 2 women fleeing abuse from a partner, funding casework support for food, clothes and shelter to help them restart their lives.
  • £750 can give hungry women vital nourishment, funding the drop-in meals for a whole month
How to broadcast your gaming challenge online

Whether you’re a streaming novice or a pro, we’ve got you covered. Head right here for step by step guides on setting up your Twitch channel and linking it with your fundraising page. Plus all the cool extras like stream overlays, buttons and alerts.

Fundraising tips

Asking people for donations can be scary at first, but don’t worry! We’ve got plenty of ideas that will build your confidence and make it much easier (and enjoyable) than you ever thought possible! For fun and useful sponsorship tips click here.

If you’re collecting donations at your event, we can provide you with a collection tin and leaflets about One25 if you email

Holding a gaming-themed bake sale, a raffle or competition of some kind can also boost your takings. See ‘gaming themed extras’ below for some more ideas.

Gaming themed extras

Take your gaming challenge to the next level by adding in some fun extras. If you’re taking part at work, school or in a social setting why not hold a gaming themed bake sale. Head here for inspiration. Or make it a fancy dress event with all your favourite game characters round the table. Add some competition and dish out prizes for the most creative costume.

Up the ante

If you’re taking part as an online gamer, why not try upping the ante with some additional challenges. You could use them as incentives for people to top up your sponsorship page if and when you conquer them! Here are some of our suggestions:

Completionist – Can you achieve 100% completion within your time limit?

Perma Death – Once you’re dead, there’s no reloading: To survive, you’ll need to play differently and not be afraid to run away!

Team Tap Out – Take it in turn with friends, or compete and beat each other’s records.

The Pacifist – Complete your chosen game without any kills and only positive dialogue choices, e.g. unlock the Pacifist ending in Undertale

The Aggressor – Choose your favourite RPG (eg. Harvest Moon) and pick only negative options during all dialogue events. Let’s see where this goes!

Gimme All The Mods – Install all the biggest mods until the game is beyond recognition. Stardew Valley is a great example with a huge variety of game-changing mods available.

At Their Mercy – Have your followers choose a game and challenge for you. Or, pick a decision drive game, such as Life is Strange or Papers Please, and do only as your followers tell you.

Sucker For Nostalgia – Can you beat your chosen childhood favourite within your chosen time?

Outside You Comfort Zone – Terrible at driving games? Avoided playing a classic that everyone raves about but never quite appealed to you? Step outside your comfort zone and play!

If you have any further questions please contact Lu on or call 0117 909 4389

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