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Bristol. Your complete guide to festive charity fundraising is here! Add a whole load of heart, soul, cake and laughter into your workplace or home this December. Read on for all the ideas, grab a pen and notepad and get planning.

Let one of our elves help you

Why bother?

Christmas can be one of the most difficult times of year for anyone who is struggling. Like a woman who is barely scraping by on the streets of Bristol, selling sex to strangers to survive. A woman whose body aches from shivering for hours in icy temperatures at night while we snuggle up with an extra duvet in bed. A woman who can’t see beyond today because her life is so unpredictable and painful.

While we pour the Bucks Fizz and eat another mince pie. We want to make Christmas a time of year when she feels warm, welcome, safe and seen. But it’s only with your help we can make this possible. We’ve got the perfect festive charity fundraising ideas for you at home, work or play.

Which one will you pick?!

Bake from the heart this Christmas in Bristol

Calling all foodies…

  • Festive Bake Sale – it’s a classic. Bake some goodies, sell them at the office, a club, or school
  • Christmas Dinner – host a Christmas dinner for your friends and family, and ask for a contribution. Cover your costs and donate the rest.
  • Festive Bake Off – who can make the best Christmas pudding? Mince pie? Spiced biscuit?
Some festive fundraising to make you feel warm and cosy

Here’s one for the office…

  • Ugly Christmas Jumper Day – like a non-uniform day at school but with far more terrible knitwear, donate a small amount to come in to work in silly jumpers.
  • Pin the Hat on Santa – you’re never too old to play some party games, why not make a Pin the Hat on Santa (don’t worry, we won’t judge your drawing abilities!) and charge a small fee to play?
  • Winter Quiz – host a themed pub quiz, how much can your friends really quote Love Actually?
  • Donate your last hour’s pay before Christmas – getting the office on board could be a simple but effective way to raise money. That last hour on the last day before Christmas, that donated pay could make a massive difference.
Gift some goodwill this Christmas

If you’re all about the (big, shiny) gifts…

  • Gift Wrapping Party – if you have finesse with paper and ribbon, volunteer your time to wrap gifts for others at a small fee.
  • Jumble Sale – those bits and bobs you’ve had in the loft for years deserve a loving home – your friends get second hand Christmas gifts, you get less clutter and One25 get some much-needed donations.
  • Reverse Advent Calendar – for each day of advent, rather than getting a treat for yourself, get a Gift in Kind for a vulnerable woman. At the end of the month you can donate your bag of goodies to us to go to loving homes. Currently we need (but feel free to email in and check!): – Flip flops – Black gloves – Pocket sized wet wipes – Winter coats – Jeans – Boots – Jumper – Knickers – Pocket tissues – Umbrellas – Socks
Grab your mates and get cosy this season

If you love any excuse for a festive get together…

  • Festive Film Night – you provide the popcorn, snuggle up with your mates and pop on Die Hard. Ahhhh… Christmas bliss. Just ask for a small donation on entry to fundraise.
  • Christmas Karaoke Night – we all know that the festive tunes are the best, so why not host a karaoke night to belt out those bops! ‘All I want for Christmas is youuuuuu!
  • Carolling – either rally some pals to go door to door or find a local venue to host a concert – we’ll provide the collection tin if you bring the cheer!
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