Go bananas! – the 125 hour fruity fundraiser

Join us this Spring for Bristol’s fruitiest fundraiser and dress as a banana from midday on 10 May to 5pm on 15 May. Or do whatever a’peel’s to you most from our bunch of banana themed ideas below.

What’s it all about?

Dress as a banana for 125 hours and ask people to sponsor you because, well, quite frankly they wouldn’t do it! Go about your daily life for 5 days and 5 hours, banana style, to show how much you’re willing to help marginalized women get the love and practical support they need to heal and thrive. Ride the bus, drop the kids, walk the dog, mow the lawn, pop to the shops, slay the treadmill, clean the dishes, sink into the sofa and crawl into bed… All as a banana! (Ok you can take it off to sleep).

Top tip alert!

Why not wear a sign during your 125 hours, with a QR code linking to your fundraising page on Justgiving? This way people you meet along the way – in the shop, on the street, at the gym – can sponsor you then and there. No excuses! We’ll share how to set this up, as well as other top fundraising tips, once you’ve completed your sign-up form.

Banana sign around neck

A bunch of banana fundraising ideas

If dressing as a banana for 125 hours is not your flavour, you can still take part. Get creative and choose another banana themed fundraiser. Here’s some of our ideas, or pick one of your own:

How about holding a banana themed quiz, karaoke night or bake sale? You could ask your workplace, school or college to wear yellow on Friday 13 May. Or set yourself mini goals on each of the challenge days, like running 5K as a banana, giving out banana messages to your colleagues (Meghan style), or telling banana-themed jokes on social media. Remember to share your fundraising page as much as possible!


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