Donate your birthday

What does it mean to ‘donate your birthday’?

Don’t ask for birthday gifts this year. You’ve got everything you need and you know Marie Kondo has a point – less really is more. Instead ask your family, friends and social networks to make a donation to One25. What better occasion to show off your big heart and who knows, maybe even inspire others? You’ll feel the warm glow that comes with giving – all the way to your next cake with candles.

Who will your donations help?

Your birthday donations will help women in Bristol. Women who risk their lives selling sex on the streets to strangers, just to survive. Women who have no home, aren’t eating enough and take harmful drugs that damage their minds and bodies. Women who feel stuck. Your birthday donations will show them they are not alone and out of options. And that tomorrow could be different.

Donate your birthday through Facebook

A few weeks before your birthday, Facebook might prompt you with a ‘banner’ at the top of your home page – they like to make it easy for you!

Either follow that banner, or follow these steps.

Step 1: In the app on mobile, click the icon of the three horizontal lines (top right), and then find the icon of a yellow circle with a pink heart which says ‘Fundraisers’. For the webpage on a computer, the ‘Fundraisers’ icon should be on the left-hand side of the page. By clicking this icon, you can set up a fundraiser for charity. You can also use this link.

Step 2: From there you can select a charity – type in One25 to find us.

Step 3: From there, it should all be pretty easy – set a donation target amount, tell your story and why our work means something to you.

Step 4: Share it with your friends, let them know what you’re doing!

Step 5: Have a fabulous birthday and feel absolutely amazing!!!

For more info, check out a guide here.

Donate your birthday through JustGiving

If Facebook isn’t your thing, then get in touch with us directly.

Email Lu, the Community Fundraiser at

We’ll talk you through setting up a JustGiving page, or share top tips for a birthday donation drive in person.

Why donate your birthday?

With your help, these women could change the world. We see glimpses of this in the way they encourage each other, find ways to see the bright side and keep going every day. Despite everything.

So the real question is ‘why not?’ You will feel good, your loved ones will feel good and the women you’re helping will feel good. Plus you still have Christmas to ask for that scarf you don’t need and the earrings you’ll lose by Spring. Go on, make this one really count.
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