How to fundraise your socks off

Here are some of our top tips for fundraising

You’ve been brave enough to sign up, you’re ready to challenge yourself, and to change the world! Find out how to make the very most of your fundraising efforts and inspire people to really get behind you.

Tip 1. It’s all about your page

Your page should inspire people. And your personality should come shining through it. The best way to achieve this is to upload a photo of you or something that best represents your challenge and tell people not only what you will be doing but more importantly why you’re doing it. You can even change your page title and url link to something less formal than the default, eg ‘Lisa’s braving the elements’.

Don’t forget to set a target and have the courage to aim high. You can always change it at any time and people love to feel they’re playing their part in helping you reach your goal. Of course, as soon as you reach it make sure you up it again – people aren’t much motivated to give if you’ve already crossed the finishing line.

Amy's Sleep Out page

Tip 2. Spam your online world

So what do you say to keep the momentum building? Give people regular updates about how you’re getting on in your prep for the challenge, then include photos, funny anecdotes, heartfelt reflections, video evidence, desperate pleas and more! Include the link to your sponsorship page at the end of every post and add #sleepout2018 to join the conversation.

Send little shout outs to publically thank anyone who donates, as a prompter for others to follow suit and as a feel good for the person who’s donated. This really works! And keep bringing out the target updates of ‘this much to go till I reach…’ Break it down into mini-targets each day; eg ‘I’m just £45 away from reaching £200 and I’d love to get there by the end of today. Who’s gonna help me???’

Finally, why not temporarily change your profile picture to remind everyone what you’re doing. Either use the One25 logo by right clicking on the below and choosing ‘save image’, or use a personal one of you:


Tip 3. Send a bunch of emails and make them personal

Email is actually a really effective way to share your page. Make each person think you’ve written it directly to them by giving your template a personal touch to each recipient – trust us, it’s worth the extra time spent as they are far more likely to donate. Repetition always helps people to remember to give- try sending one email in the run up, one during the challenge and one after- including a few stories and pictures to inspire them to give. If anyone replies saying they will donate, make a note and keep sending them friendly reminders till they do 🙂

If you have an e-bulletin at work or the intranet, ask if you can include a plug for your challenge there too. If you have permission to temporarily add a short message in your email signature too, why not try something like ‘I’m completing Sleepout this March to help women escape poverty and addiction. Sponsor me [hyperlink to your page]’

Tip 4. Don’t forget a good old fashioned form

Use your sponsor form to catch those people at work/school, the gym or church when you see them face to face. Why not ask if you can pin a form to the noticeboard or leave at the reception desk? When you’ve collected the money you can pop it onto your online page- simple. Don’t forget to ask people to gift aid it (it adds 25p to every £1!). Download a form below or ask us to email you one.


Sleep out 2017 sponsor form

Sponsor form

Download23/11/2016 - 53 KB

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