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Thank you for signing up to My One25 Miles! By taking on your 125 mile challenge, you will be helping a vulnerable woman on her journey towards a new life.

Next step?

Create your online fundraising page and make it personal. Tell your story of how, when and where you will complete My One25 Miles, and most importantly why you’re doing it. Add a photo too… pages with photos raise twice as much!

Whatever you’re hoping to raise in My One25 Miles, make sure you set your target on your fundraising page and keep your eye on it. Once you’ve reached your target, increase it a little more; people love to feel they’ve helped you reach a goal. Everything you raise will help a woman on her journey to freedom. For example:

£3 can help a woman escape a violent attack, funding a safety alarm

£25 can give dignity and comfort to a woman in hospital, providing her pyjamas, toiletries and other essentials while she gets much-needed medical attention.

£120 can make sure we meet women where they need help, funding a Freephone service to our lifeline outreach van for 2 months

£400 can give emergency help to 2 women fleeing abuse from a partner, funding casework support for food, clothes and shelter to help them restart their lives

£750 can give hungry women vital nourishment, funding the drop-in meals for a whole month

We’ve got plenty more fundraising top tips right here. We’ll also send you a welcome email with all the relevant links and support you need to complete My One25 Miles. Thank you.

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