Changing your regular gift

Thank you for supporting One25 with a regular donation. Your commitment means we can continue to deliver our vital services and be there for women experiencing crisis.

The process for changing a regular gift depends on how your donation is processed: for example, if it’s a standing order or a direct debit. Choose the relevant option from the list below and follow the instructions.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or you’d like to let us know you’re changing your gift. Call 0117 909 8832 and ask for Gabby or Rachel.

If you set up your donation through our website

Your regular gift was set up as a direct debit and will either be collected by CAF (if you started donating before April 2021) or Go Cardless (if you started donating after April 2021).

If you would like to increase the amount you give, we can do this on your behalf. Please contact us to confirm your current donation amount and the new amount you’d like to give. We may ask you for your address and/or contact details to confirm your identity. When your gift has been changed, we will send you a written confirmation.

If you would like to cancel your gift we can also do this for you – or you can do it yourself via your bank.

If you would like to reduce your donation or change the date it is paid, you will need to cancel your existing gift and create a new one. Please contact us to discuss this.

If you donate by standing order

A standing order is paid directly from your bank account to ours.

We cannot amend, set up or cancel a standing order on your behalf but you can complete these actions by contacting your bank or through most online banking systems.

If you donate through Stewardship

You can amend your regular gift online in your Stewardship Giving Account or by contacting Stewardship directly. More information can be found here.

If you donate through a CAF Charity Account

You can amend your regular gift online through your CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) Charity Account. More information can be found here.

If you donate through payroll giving / your salary

Please speak to your employer or your payroll giving agency to make changes to your gift. Agencies that process payroll donations include CAF Give As You Earn, Charities Trust, Charitable Giving and Benevity.

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