Why is One25 needed?

The women we work with are some of the most disadvantaged and marginalised people in society and are unable to access the basic needs – a safe home, healthcare, etc – that most people take for granted. They have specific needs and specific histories that don’t fit easily into generic services. One25 is the only service in Bristol that specifically supports street sex-working women.

Haven't they chosen this lifestyle?

If a woman consents to this lifestyle it’s because her choices have been funnelled by pressures from others. These pressures include a history of childhood abuse leading to low self-esteem and a need to control sexual relations; pressure from an abusive partner and one or more drug habits to pay for. Consent as a result of overwhelming circumstances is not the same thing as free choice. We help many to rebuild their lives by offering positive choices – a roof over their head, access to healthcare, to reunite with their family, escaping abusive relationships and a drugs free lifestyle. These are real choices.

Is One25 religious and, if so, how does that affect the charity’s work?

Most of those involved in founding One25 were Christians and some who work here are inspired and motivated by their Christian faith. But many are not and we are careful not to be exclusive or imposing. Probably the belief that most affects our work is that every individual is valuable and deserving of kindness and respect. We send a prayer letter to hundreds of supporters with faith and much of our financial support comes from Christian individuals and churches but we also have much-valued support from those of other faiths and of no particular faith.

How can people help?

Donate so that our work can help women where they need it, or click here to Get Involved.

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