Susie’s Story

Susie’s story

Susie is a softly spoken woman with a traumatic childhood who One25 have been helping for a number of years on the streets. One evening, when she was 28 weeks pregnant, Susie was brutally raped and her life threatened.

“She turned up to One25’s drop-in heavily pregnant and in desperate need of our help.”

Susie trusted One25 so she called early the next morning in shock. We brought her to drop-in and supported her to report the crime and cared for her emotionally and practically. Susie was very worried about the health of her unborn child so we then took her along to maternity services and after that to the Sexual Assault and Rape Centre. Throughout this process we organised one-to-one support for her for the next 8 hours as she was feeling desperately traumatised.

Susie was fast-tracked into detox and then a mother and baby home. We visited regularly and worked with the police to support her through the criminal justice process. The severity of her attack left her speechless for months and she suffered badly from post-traumatic stress disorder. Susie received intensive therapy to help her through the case, especially after her attacker was caught and a trial date set.

“She bravely witnessed throughout the trial, though the process left her upset and physically sick as she gave her testimony.”

Susie found justice at last when her attacker was found guilty on all 5 counts of rape and was sentenced to 9 years imprisonment. She said “I was really scared that no-one would believe me, but it was worth it to stop him from hurting other women. That thought drove me on.”  Susie was supported to build bridges with safe members of her family, start a new life, learn skills and grow in confidence as a fantastic mother to her healthy, happy child. She says: “Me and my baby girl are doing so well. Now I know I’m worth so much more. Now I’m a much better mother to my children. Now I’m building my relationship back up with my family. Thanks to you, me and my baby daughter are together – and thanks to me of course, for being strong.”

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