Lucy’s story

I have always had a difficult life. When I was a child, my dad was very hard on us and used to beat us with coat hangers. He used to make me sit for ages facing the wall and would force me and my brothers to have cold baths. He used to beat my mum too. I was removed from my home many times because social workers could see that we were all suffering. But, they let us go back. I went to a special school, for kids who have problems and I loved it there. When I was fourteen, I left that school and had to go back to my dad. My mum had left by then and I was left alone with him. He started to have sex with me but I told someone and they took me away again.

By this time I was totally messed up and confused. I kept getting into trouble with the police and they locked me up in secure units. Then I got pregnant and they took my little girl away and she was adopted.

I was forced to work on the streets by a man who promised me money and love. I started to smoke crack but I didn’t really know what it was at the time.

I ended up losing another child. She was my second little girl and was taken into care. After this I gave up and walked the streets, selling myself every day. I used to get on the One25 van and get condoms from them. I always remembered that they were there for us and that I could ask them for help.

I got pregnant again and went into a mother and baby home far out of Bristol. I stopped taking drugs and began to fight to keep my baby. The home didn’t believe that I would make it but I got extra support from the One25. I have had so much help and support.

I have come a long way since then. One25 have helped me to get my daughter back from care, get a safe place to live and taken me to a parenting course. They’ve helped me learn to read and write and work out how to do normal day to day things that I could not before. I still find it hard though and still need support to get me through it all sometimes. It’s been so hard but I’m getting there. I have all my children back in my life and I have a bit of hope. I have asked for this kind of help all my life but no-one ever understood me. Without One25 I don’t know where I’d be.

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