Meet some Give it up stars

With around 560 people taking part in Give it up in the last six years, we’ve got a fair few tales to tell; from giving up cutlery to hot showers, furniture to food, arguing to shopping, vanity to voice. Here are three of those stars to inspire you.


Annie, gets cold feet

Annie no shoes

Hi, I’m Annie.

When I first came to England 8 years ago, I told myself that I’d never join in with two trends I saw here.

1. I’d never wear leggings instead of trousers.
2. I’d never do anything fun and adventurous “for charity” because if I want to have fun or get fit, I should pay for it myself and not through sponsorship.

As you can tell from my photo, the no-leggings rule is long out of the window, so I’ve gotta stay true to the fundraising thing, right?

So, to raise money for One25, an amazing charity that helps vulnerable women exit the street sex trade, I gave up shoes and socks for 125 hours, walking barefoot everywhere. It was less than 10 degrees in Bristol so I knew this was NOT GOING TO BE ANY FUN!!

What made it worth the effort? I was able to raise £1,260 for the most vulnerable women in this city. Whoop!

Reuben, sheds the big bushy beardReuben before and after

Hi, my name is Reuben.

I got rid of my big, big, beautiful bushy beard to raise money for the great project One25. I did this because they help change the lives of women trapped in street sex work in Bristol. With their support, women can break free from a life of addiction, poverty and violence, and build new lives.

I think that this is a great charity so I told my friends and family that if I raised enough money the whole big bushy beard and fabulous moustache would go.

Everyone knew my beard and moustache was part of my identity and it’s something that I’d had for a few years. It has been a conversation point, provided me with warmth and helped me to feel at home whilst watching The Beards – all in all I knew I would really miss my beard.

I told people they could help me get through this sadness by sponsoring me. The more I raised, the more that would come off (so to speak)! Here’s how it worked. If I raised; £50 I’d shave my cheeks, £100 and the sideburns and underneath would go, £200 and everything would go except the moustache, £250 I would be fully clean shaven – which hadn’t happened for about 10 years!

Well it is my delight to say the whole lot came off. In fact I raised £617.50 which completely blew all my expectations!

Tim, empties his pockets

wallet in pocket

Hi, I’m Tim.

The first time I took part in ‘Give it up’ I gave up my phone for 125 hours to support the amazing work One25 are doing with women trapped in street sex work in Bristol. I raised nearly £500 which was an awesome achievement.

The next year I upped my game. I gave up my phone again. And my wallet. And my keys – all except for my house key. During this time I didn’t spend a single penny, wasn’t able to ride my bike, didn’t have a clue what the time was or what I was supposed to be doing. I was basically chaos.

I’m generally not a fan of sponsored events where people do fun things and ask you to pay for them. This is not that because;

(a) this was awful and

(b) I personally matched all donations pound for pound up to my £500 target.

I emptied my pockets – in more ways than one – for a great cause giving vulnerable women a chance for a new life. I really hope you’ll get on board this year.

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