What will you give up?

If you’re a bit stuck for ideas, here are the five most popular pledges from previous years. Any take your fancy?

1. Guilty Pleasures.

Whatever you’d find hardest to say goodbye to; your phone, TV, social media, caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, sweets…

Give it up challenge - guilty pleasures

2. Spoken Word.

Take a vow of silence, replace speaking with singing, speak no English or cut out ‘yes’ and ‘no’ from your vocab.

Give it up challenge - spoken word

3. Solid Food. 

Eat nothing but liquids or forego food entirely (if it is safe for you to do so).

Give it up challenge - solid food

4. Creature Comforts.

Try 5 days without using furniture, cutlery, shoes or your car or set up home in a tent in your garden!

Give it up challenge - creature comforts


5. Personal Hygiene.

No showers, no soap, no mirrors, no makeup, no razor, no hairbrush or comb. You decide!

Give it up challenge - personal hygiene

Alternatively, you can draw inspiration from some ‘Give it uppers’ from years gone by. Check them out here.

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