Bake Off!

Some ideas to get your baking juices flowing…

bake sale

Bake sale at your workplace

Get together with colleagues to bring in cakes to sell and fundraise for us.

vote cake


Get colleagues to bring in their best cake creations. Then ask the office to pay what they think each slice deserves. Crown the winner with the most money raised the Prime Cakeminister.


Cake timeshare

Get colleagues to subscribe to a cake each week for a bargain price of £2.50 a slice. Then find colleagues willing to bake a cake each week and donate it to the timeshare. Collect the subscriptions and donate to One25.


Bake sweepstake

After the first Great British Bake Off episode, pick your contestant and put in a sweepstake donation. Then the week your contestant gets kicked out of the kitchen, bake a cake inspired by their creations for your team meeting. Stand back and take in the glory and share photos of your creations with us!


Cake racing

Like egg-and-spoon, only with cake. Or a speed-icing competition. Or a whole Cake Olympics.

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